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Hi, I’m Mike Dane.  I created the blog to share common sense and practical insight in areas that we all experience in business— like leadership, planning, team building, change management, decision making and much much more.  I write and speak about work experiences I have faced and you probably face as well every day. Whether you are on the front line or the C-suite, a small business or a large corporation, a recent college graduate or a 30-year veteran, common sense does not play favorites—and nonsense is always part of the equation.

While common sense and practical insight are things most people can appreciate, there are times when the nonsense we experience actually helps put things into perspective. At times we can’t fully appreciate a sunny day until we’ve had a series of cloudy and rainy ones.  That is why it’s important to explore nonsense as well.  But, like treasures and trash, one person’s idea of what is common sense may be viewed as total nonsense by someone else.  As a result, I’ll always ask you the question: What do you think? Is it Common Sense or Nonsense?

I hope you find the topics and content down-to-earth, human, and relevant.  Through the sharing of experiences, observations, ideas, successes, failures and more, you may be able to look at a situation, your business or your everyday work life a little differently.  By sharing my own perspective on the topic, I hope to stimulate new discussions, opinions, experiences and observations from you or those around you.  So … is it common sense or nonsense? I invite you to come on this ride with me and let’s decide together.

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